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Relax & Relieve



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Relieves Headaches and Migraines
Naturally Relieves Stress
Creates Healthy Blood Flow
Better and Deeper Sleep

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Naturally Relieve Headaches in MINUTES!

Have a headache that just won’t go away? We know, it feels awful, but it can also interfere with your work and daily activities. ReliefCap™ helps you get your life back… without the headache.

Freeze it and Heat it

With our High-Grade Thermal Gel enjoy relief all year-round through cold AND hot temperatures. For those hot-headed, sweaty days & for those freezing cold days that need warmth and better blood circulation.

Pure Euphoria

The perfect way to end a long day. Melt away the stress and head pounding and feel the bliss of the ReliefCap™ lightly compressing against your head's main pressure points.

  • Productivity

    No need to struggle through the day with a headache. The ReliefCap will keep your mind clear, keep you comfortable and at peak performance all day long.

  • Quality

    Three Layers of Relief! With its stretchy one size fits all Dry-Tech fabric the ReliefCap stays dry and also reduces odor. The fabric is also  BPA-free.

  • Health

    Prescription meds and other drugs can have negative long-term effects on your overall health. Change to a more Natural Healing Remedy with the ReliefCap™

Ditch the Wet Towels and Leaky Bags

Outdated forms of cold relief are messy, gross and can cause freezer burn! The ReliefCap™ uses ultra soft and strong compression material wrapped around a leak-free gel pack specifically designed for any head and face.



How long does it stay hot or cold?

With the expert-grade thermal gel and the 3-layer insulation, the ReliefCap™ holds any temperature for up to 30 minutes!

How long should I freeze or heat the ReliefCap?

Cold: Depending on the desired level of cold intensity, you can put the ReliefCap™ in the freezer or refrigerator for 2 hours to achieve maximum cooling therapeutic comfort. You can also leave it overnight in the freezer since the high-grade thermal gel will never turn solid!

Hot: Simply put your MigraineBuddy™ in the microwave for 20 seconds to achieve the ideal therapeutic heated temperature.

Does it fit any head size?

YES! The Migraine Wrap™ is One Size Fits All! The Stretchy soft fabric fits any head size or shape perfectly, making it a Universal Fit!